More than a Number

How do you weigh a human life?

We are defined by the people that surrounds us. By our relationships and our interactions. Family, friends, the cashier we greet at the deli mart. No one is ever a singular entity. So when someone chooses to leave this world, it affects the community around them. To intentionally depart from those around us is no less than an act of misguided selfishness. In our everyday lives, we are fully aware of tragedies that occur around the world. Yet we grant little thought to the ordeal, quickly accepting it as a rite of life. By measuring tragedy with the number of people affected, value is reduced in numbers. And so we often forget, that the game we play, does not in fact minimize the community of which the tragedy is centered around. We often forget, that the value of an individual, a human life, is not in fact simply the individual itself, but the sum of those around him/her.

I imagine a future where we assign an impact score to a death toll instead of the absolute number of lives. A number is just a number and does not truly capture what the world has lost.