Mind the Gap

It's been about 10 months since I officially finished my education. Post-grad life is even better than college itself, because you have the freedom and independence of your life ahead. The intensity and pace of post-grad life is definitely slower than college, which was a bit shocking to me. The first few weeks out of college, the pace of life was so starkly different than my usual high-strung mania that I immediately signed up for online programming classes. I also suddenly found myself with a bunch of free time, and regained the idea of a weekend, a concept I haven't had since elementary school. The hardest part about post-grad life isn't adapting to adult life, or adjusting your diet to fit a slowed metabolism, or even stressing out about work. It's filling the gaps in between - the weekend, your evenings, spare hours of free time lying around. Because this time is seemingly insignificant, yet it adds up and amounts to nothing if it's wasted with mindless entertainment.

Living in Silicon Valley, you do as the post-grads do. You fill your weekends with hikes, road trips to Napa, bike rides, yoga, trips to Lake Tahoe, and clean eating because that's what everyone around you is doing. You might even consider getting a dog because everyone here loves dogs, so you feel like you should too. But in doing all of this, it's no different than college since we're letting our surroundings dictate what we should and ought to do. If you have the ability to fill your time in any way, why limit yourself?